2005, Mixed Media, "It's a Crowded World, but We All Fit", Lisa Bonavita

My name is Lisa Bonavita and I am an artist and art educator. I have created this blog as my final project for my Master of Art Education degree at Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas where I currently study. The idea for my school project was to develop this website that will continue to develop as an online resource for high school art teachers and students to learn and share about Postmodern Art

I have always been interested in all types of art, but I am especially drawn to Postmodern contemporary art. I designed this website to share my enthusiasm for the art that is being created today.  I feel Postmodern art is a great fit especially for high school age art students because Postmodern art tends to be about questioning things in our world, making art that brings culture closer into view, and art that talks about multiculturalism and diversity. All of these themes are ideas that high school age students are surrounded by in their daily life and themes that they will really have to think about as they leave high school and begin their adult life.  I would also like to reach out to other educators, artists , and students who are interested in learning and sharing about Postmodern art. I look forward to learning together and creating a space to celebrate the many facets of Postmodern art.

This Is A Constructivist Blog

I have always taken a constructivist approach to learning with the belief that sharing knowledge, collaborating, and leaving room for open ended dialogue between teacher and student promotes a great environment for learning . Not only does this type of approach create a dynamic learning environment, but I believe both teachers and students get inspired when they work together and listen to each others thoughts and ideas. This website is an on-line creative community where teachers and students can feel open to contribute their own ideas and creativity to the site. You can use what resources the blog has to offer to promote contemporary art education in your schools as well as in your own lives as artists , students, and art teachers.  I welcome you to take a look and glean what you can . This blog is as much yours as it is mine, so please jump right in and explore.

2004, Ink on Paper, "Me and My Dots", Lisa Bonavita